The Differences Between Video and Cine Film

Cine film and video have been used for many years for a good reason: they’re reliable, quality ways to record and watch television or homemade videos, even if a bit outdated nowadays – still, you can find plenty of media in these formats, especially classic movies that never go out of fashion and your own home movies! Knowing how these mediums differ from one another, though, can be challenging.

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Wedding Videos: Memories That Last a Lifetime

Weddings are very important and memorable events in our life. In the past, preserving those precious memories wasn’t as easy as it is now with modern technology. You might be thinking back to your own wedding and wishing you could show your children your wedding video to complement the beautiful photos you have.

As years go by and we age, our memories start to fade and the details become muddled. If your son or daughter is getting married soon, you might be feeling nostalgic and want to rewatch your own special day and show them how happy the event was.


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What Are Memories?

Picture the last time you went on holiday with your loved ones. You recall how high up in the sky the sun was, the beautiful scenery, and how relaxed you felt. The somewhat vivid imagery running through your mind is what we call a memory.

Your mind went through three processing stages so you could feel a sense of nostalgia for your vacation: encoding, when you received information; storage, when that information was recorded in your brain; and retrieval, when you just called back the stored memory of the delicious food you had during your vacation.

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