The Magic Behind FPS

The technology behind the way we view things on screen is ever evolving, becoming more and more in tune with reality and creating amazing experiences for viewers. Here at Cine2DVD we are always following these advances, eager to see where the future of video will take us and how we can apply it to your home videos. FPS is one such element of video advancement we are excited about.

But what is FPS and what are the advantages that it can bring to the home viewing experience?

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Why Summer has the Best Memories (And Why You Never Want to Forget Them)

Summer has always been the best time of year to make memories. When you were at school you had the longer summer holidays to have fun with your friends, now you can enjoy picnics with your own family. No matter what you do during summer, whether you go to the beach or organise a big party for everyone you know, the truth is that it always feels bittersweet when it’s over.

Looking back, summer always features in people’s fondest memories, so it’s only natural that you’d want to preserve these memories the best you can.


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The Zapruder Film

The invention of film not only revolutionised the face of mass entertainment, but changed the way we record history. We no longer had to rely on the accounts of witnesses to understand historic events; we could see them happen for ourselves. More importantly, as the home movie gained popularity and became more affordable, it became more likely that we could record history for ourselves.

One of the most prominent examples of this is, of course, the infamous Zapruder film; 26.6 seconds of silent footage which captured the assassination of American president John F. Kennedy in full colour. Because of its graphic nature, we do not include the footage here, however it is easily found online should you wish to view it.

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Genre Spotlight: The Wild Wild West

The different genres of film mean that there is something out there for everyone. From film noir to romance, whatever your tastes there is a film or even a whole genre that encapsulates it perfectly.

One genre that took over the expanse of the movie world throughout the 1950s is undoubtedly the western. Actors such as John Wayne and Clint Eastwood have become part of the cultural consciousness, the epitome of the rugged cowboy on an adventure to fight a corrupt lawman in an array of epic gun fights. These movies were at their peak a grand production that involved many key film elements to become a staple genre of the movie world.

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