How to Watch a Movie!


Watching our favourite movies and home films have always been entertaining for family and friends. Until recently, however, it was difficult to see exactly what you had filmed unless you had a couple of strategically placed cables to hook up to your TV (or a suitable video cassette your VCR didn’t chew up). Back in the day, watching your movies used to be limited to your TV box, sat in the front room with your parents squashed into the same room and your younger siblings running around in front of your grainy, shaky TV set.

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Stop. Motion Picture Time!- Creating a Stop Motion Animation Movie

Have you ever made a flick book?

You know, when you make a series of doodles in the corner of your page, over a series of pages and then you flick through the corners and your doodle looks like it’s moving?

If you have, congratulations! You’ve started on the long, addictive road of stop motion animation!

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3 of the Best ‘Found Footage’ Movies Ever!

Found footage movies have become an increasingly popular genre over the last 20 years or so. It started with indie filmmakers, and there are now major blockbusters that are using this format. Based on the idea that the footage shown has been found after a given event, with the jumpy camera movements and grainy footage, they are made to look like real home movies.

With this increased popularity we thought that now was a good time to pick some of our favourites and first is possibly the most famous of all…

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