Genre Spotlight: Science Fiction

Science fiction is an incredibly popular film genre that uses fictional science-based depictions like extra-terrestrial lifeforms, alien worlds, time-travel and other futuristic elements like spaceships and robots as their primary focus. These films often take some kind of political or social issue like the human condition to tell their story. Sci-fi aims to combine the real world with the supernatural to any questions of the unknown in science.

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Coronavirus Update


A message from my family to yours.

As a small family owned and run business we share everyones concerns during these uncertain times.

We have been taking all steps to follow guidelines. With the recent easing of lock down we are now back to full staffing levels. However, social distancing guidelines and other precautions do mean we are not working at full capacity.

The last few weeks have been extremely busy and we appreciate every order we have had from our customers. Thank you for trusting us with your memories, especially during these uncertain times.

We are working to get orders that we have In hand back to our customers in a timely fashion. But our service time has extended considerably due to the volume of orders.

Our aim is to keep all orders safe and to convert and preserve them with the utmost care.

Royal Mail are working hard to get orders to us and back to you. They too are very busy and some deliveries are taking longer than expected.

If you wish to order, now perhaps being the time you might be tidying and sorting and finding your memories, please do, keeping in mind our extended service time.(shown on our home page and at the top of our ordering page)

Above all please keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.

Jim Gregory

Silent Film Star: Charlie Chaplin

The technological era of the 1920s brought films to large audiences. Before the rise of these “talkies”, silent films were all the rage. Silent films had a live orchestra playing alongside film viewings, and title cards were used to show character dialogue – like subtitles today. And in this era of the silent film there were a number of prominent stars of the day, including perhaps the biggest, and most well-known silent film star of all time: Charlie Chaplin.

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