Virtual Reality: The Next Step in Cinema Magic?

Virtual reality has been on the rise in the past few years, especially in gaming. Headsets for this technology have evolved considerably and its popularity grown; what used to be simply a sci-fi technology has become real and affordable.

But what could virtual reality mean for cinema? The imaginary and the fictional have enraptured audiences for centuries, and virtual reality would allow us to take the next step and actually be part of the fictional worlds we love so much.

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Top Halloween Films for the Family

October is upon us and that means everyone is thinking about Halloween. Costumes are in the shops, adverts are on the TV and it’s also a big time for filmmakers. However, not all Halloween films are 18+ scare-fests, there’s a lot of Halloween films that are aimed directly at the family, and that doesn’t mean they’re just for kids! Continue reading

The Best Films of 2016 So Far

We are coming very close to the end of 2016 and what a year it has been so far for those in Hollywood! There have been some truly fantastic films released so far this year and, who knows, maybe another smash hit could occur in the next few months. To remind you of how fantastic this year’s films have been, we’ve chosen a small selection of our favourite films of 2016 so far. Continue reading