Genre Spotlight: Musical

Today, we’re continuing our Genre Spotlight series, and in this blog, we’re looking into Musicals. If you’re a Broadway or West End fan, you may be familiar with the movie adaptations of such productions. Additionally, you might also like the modern take on movie musicals, which we will also delve into.

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The Biggest Misconceptions of Cine Home Movies

There are so many people who still possess their old cine home movies – so why do they never watch them? The answer, it would seem, is because they’ve fallen for some of the biggest misconceptions of what will happen if they’re ever to view the footage again. With this in mind, here are four illusions that people tend to be under when it comes to their cine home movies.

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Cine to DVD – How it Goes Hand in Hand With Your Resolutions For 2018

January is the perfect time to start afresh, which is why so many people make resolutions at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. You’ll obviously want to stick to these – even if you don’t quite know how to make them all come true! It just so happens that the solution could lie in the easy process of transferring your old home movies from cine to DVD.

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Three Ways Christmas Will Trigger your Impulse to Watch Old Home Movies

Don’t be shocked if you’re overcome with the sudden impulse to dig up your old home movies this Christmas. After all, most people constantly have a niggling itch to take a walk down memory lane – it’s just that this urge tends to come right to the forefront during the festive season!

Fortunately, you can watch all your home movies before and after the holidays if you transfer your cine to DVD. Here are three ways you’ll no doubt find yourself triggered to do this over Christmas.

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Social Media Shouldn’t Determine your Memories

We live in an age where we store our memories on social media. In fact, we’ve almost become programmed to believe that we’re making a note of all the special moments in our life because we can share pictures, videos and statuses on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Sadly, such social media channels aren’t always trustworthy forms of storing memories – and don’t hold a candle to past keepsakes like home videos. With this in mind, here’s why you shouldn’t let social media determine your memories.

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Outdoor Cinemas

Evenings are there for relaxing and winding down after a long day. Many of us choose to put our feet up and watch a film at home. However, as summer approaches and the nights get warmer and lighter, we want to be in the outdoors more, enjoying the warm weather.

This is why outdoor cinemas are perfect!

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On This Date in: 1948- “It’s Always Good to Look Back”

Going back to 1948, on this day in the world of Television, the first musical was televised live on CBS. Followed by this, the second live televised musical was then aired on NBC, which was ‘Arturo Toscanini’. March 20th marks the breakthrough of musical conductor Eugene Ormandy leading the Philadelphia Orchestra through the transmitting waves, to the homes of every TV Owner. This made the Philadelphia Orchestra one of the best known in American Orchestra. Continue reading

2017 Book to Film Adaptations

Books have the amazing capability of transporting us to new worlds due to their imaginative narratives. When adapted to the big screen, films can truly bring to life our favourite characters and add another level of emotional impact.

From true story novels to fantasy ideations, these are some of this year’s book-to-film adaptions that we’re excited about.

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