A Guide to Creating Movie Magic

We’ve spoken a lot about preserving your memories- it is, after all, one of the best ways to keep everything preserved in stunning quality. But what about creating those memories in the first place? Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to the brilliance of the home cinema.

movie slate and film reel on wood

There’s a lot to take in when creating your very own of cinematic experience. There’s so much awesomeness and creative excellence to capture,  and here we will give you an amazing checklist to accompany your home made movie experience!


Setting the mood


Woman with remote control in front of TV set

Have you ever walked into a screening of the latest blockbuster and had this immense excitement building from the tips of your toes right up to your hairline? Have you felt the air vibrate with a car explosion or been so immersed with the actors on screen that you haven’t realised your dad has been stealing your popcorn? Well, you can blame all of that on the mood. Here’s a few tips to help you recreate it:

  • Plunge the room into darkness. Switch off the lights and draw the curtains; let nothing but the glow of the TV illuminate your friends and family


  • Set up the seats so you can easily see the screen – the last thing you want is a crick in your neck halfway through your master piece


  • Have a bowl of warm popcorn and a can of your favourite drink at hand – trust us, you’re going to want them.



Creating a home movie



Now you’re all ready to go, you need a movie to watch. Although it may be very tempting to watch the latest release in the comfort of your own home, there’s nothing more entertaining than watching the best, the brightest, and the funniest members of your family and friends on the silver screen. So, to get you started on your movie making adventure, here are a couple of pointers:

  • Plot; before anything else, you should have a plot in mind. From the Adventures of Mr Tibbles the Cat, to a comedy about the neighbours’ tomato garden – your creativity knows no bounds in your plot.


  • Finding the best actors to bring your movie to life is very important, and of course some of the very best home movies are made with the people you love the most. There’s nothing wrong with letting your younger siblings play adults and your friends two years older than you play children!


  • Finding the location to shoot your movie is the best part of film making! Whether it’s in a field, a quiet street, a rain splattered wood or a cordoned off a section of your own home; performing different scenes in different locations will make your movie look all the more professional!




Hollywood and Clapperboard

Background noise and the howl of the wind through your microphone can spoil the ambiance you may want in certain scenes. Though in some cases this can’t be helped – unless you want to fork out for an external microphone – you can always adjust the background noise on your computer. Where sound is concerned you can also add in sound effects; a car horn or a dog barking can create that all important cinematic experience you’re striving for!


Watching the film


DVD, Popcorn and Cinema Stub

Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, once your actors have read their last lines and you’ve touched up the final scenes with state-of-the-art sound effects and animations, it’s time to watch your movie. Computers can create an unclear image when transferred to the TV – or from your video camera to the screen – and, for your movie master piece, that is the very last thing you want to happen. Transferring your magical 8mm Cine Film to DVD is the best way to preserve your movie and deliver a top quality picture to your home cinema.

So now you have your crystal clear homemade movie, your homemade cinema and your popcorn at hand, it’s time to sit back relax and enjoy the film. Cine2DVD can help you to turn your homemade movies into a real cinematic experience, so contact us today on 0800 592433 for more information.

Giants of Film-making: Celebrating Super 8

Hollywood and Clapperboard

For a while it looked as though more technologically advanced formats were going to take over, leaving little room for the pioneering types of film that came before. Luckily these fears turned out to be entirely unfounded – lovers of high quality cinematic equipment are only too eager to embrace the roots of the medium, turning to formats such as Super 8 mm film to recapture the mood of times gone by.

In fact, far from being obsolete Super 8 is still championed by many of the world’s best known and best loved movie-makers. Back in 2011, director J.J. Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg proved the point by making Super 8. The clue is definitely in the name on this one – following a group of kids as they battle to film their own home cinema epic, this movie plays tribute to its namesake, the Super 8 film stock that got incredible talents like Spielberg and Abrams started while they were still children.

The role-call of famous directors who started out filming no-budget home movies on Super 8 film is impressive – from David Fincher to Peter Jackson, via Tim Burton and Michael Bay. And it certainly isn’t all about dabbing our eyes and getting nostalgic about the film’s history, as directors and cinematographers are still finding ways to incorporate Super 8 mm film in modern movies.

In the 1991 drama JFK it was used to help capture the atmosphere of the historical period being conjured up, while Ben Affleck used it to add an edge of realism to one of Argo’s crucial opening scenes. Similarly, Oldboy has flashback sequences that were shot on Super 8 to help capture the desired mood – and as a keen proponent of the format, director Spike Lee already had his own personal Super 8 camera to use for the scenes.

Many colorful DVD lying upon each other - landscape format

With so many benefits and so much love from the movie world, we certainly won’t be saying goodbye to the Super 8 format any time soon! If you’re keen on making your own retro-styled films, or still have footage left over from when Super 8 was big the first time around, we can convert your 8mm Cine film to DVD, enabling you to share it with friends and view it at your leisure. Contact us today at 0800 592433, and we’ll be happy to discuss all of your needs!

Advantages of the Twenty-First Century

Picture this; you’ve taken a leap back in time to the wonderful era of VCR and videos…

You’ve just placed your children’s favourite Disney movie into the heavy black machine, the TV is on, and your little darlings have settled themselves down to a good hour of complete and utter silence. You’re looking forward to this when suddenly, the VCR splutters; it whines, it clicks and the movie shows several Aladdins being chased up the screen by grainy white lines.

Oh dear. Now your quiet time is threatened, and the only thing you can think of doing is pulling out the video to stop your little angels from kicking up a fuss. Here’s the problem; the tape gets trapped and is torn from its case. The movie is ruined and so is your hour of peace.

Girl Watching Film

Let’s skip on forward to the twenty first century.

Here at Cine2DVD we’re very keen on preserving your memories; we’ve spoken about it enough. About the glory of the recording evolution and how grandma’s chicken dance will forever be preserved in high definition on an easy to access, easy to store DVD. But what about the actual advantages?

It’s no lie that the quality of your cinematic experience is way better than back in the day. For one, you can sit your kids down to their most beloved movie time and time again without having to worry about the tape wearing down (at least now you get that quiet time you’ve been craving); for another you have so much more space!

We’re not just talking about more space on your shelves (less bulk means more DVDs after all!) but about the capacity the digital world can hold compared to your 90’s videos. Where once the old family movies took up one or two bulky tapes, now it can all neatly sit on one disc! What does that mean? It means more space for more of your favourite family films (and don’t all of you parents just love that?).

But what about the benefits during play? Well for one, you don’t need to fear the rewind button. There’s no hanging around until you return to the beginning of the film. There’s not even any stinted audio when you pause and restart the film.

Fantastic, right? Well, if you’re thinking of having some of your quiet time back, or if you simply want to preserve your family favourites, our dedicated team work tirelessly to transfer your Cine or 8mm film to DVD. Sounds good? Want to know more? You can contact us here or telephone us on 0800 592 433 for more details.

Practice Makes Perfect: The Amateur Films of Famous Directors

It’s pretty much impossible to establish your name as a hit Hollywood director if you haven’t spent a few years having a go at it on your own first! That’s just as true for the big names in the business as it is for the little guys, so we’re going to take a look at the amateur movies that came before some of the world’s most famous directors made it as professionals.

Christopher Nolan – Doodlebug

Christopher Nolan is one of those rare talents, a director who churns out nothing but hits. From early works such as Following and Memento to the recent blockbuster Interstellar, Nolan has enjoyed success with both critics and the public – but what was he doing before he became one of contemporary cinema’s golden boys?

The answer is Doodlebug, a claustrophobic short about a man’s descent into insanity as he chases a bug across his apartment. The dark mood of this early film would set the tone for Nolan’s later work – movies which have continued to delve into the philosophical and sometimes disturbing aspects of life despite their mainstream appeal.

Martin Scorsese – What’s A Nice Girl Like You Doing In A Place Like This?

The incredibly prolific career of Martin Scorsese has seen him moving seamlessly from genre to genre, putting his name to biopics, gangster flicks, dark comedies and much more. What’s A Nice Girl Like You Doing In A Place Like This? is an amusing short about a man with an obsession over a painting that begins to take over his life.

That’s right, it’s another film about insanity; we’re definitely noticing a trend here! Scorsese directed this film while he was still a student – check it out and see whether you can spot early signs of the talent that makes him one of the greats.

Quentin Tarantino – My Friend’s Birthday Party

Much more ambitious than the other two films on this list, Quentin Tarantino spent four years putting together My Friend’s Birthday Party, an amateur film which would have run to an impressive 70 minutes if almost half of the film had not been lost in a fire. Luckily the footage that survived was still edited together– and if Tarantino’s famous cameos have left you desperate to see more of his acting talent then this could be the film for you, as besides writing and directing this early offering he also cast himself in a starring role.

Made five years before the release of Reservoir Dogs would grant him instant cult status, My Friend’s Birthday Party is a great place to look for the tropes and themes which would later populate his work.

If you have home movies that deserve to be immortalised like these three then they’ll need to be transferred from 8mm Cine Film to DVD before you can start screening them among friends and family. Contact us at 0800 592 433 and we’ll be pleased to help you out!

Special Effects and Home Videos

We love a good cheesy home video. It really captures the personality of everyone involved and ends up being the entertainment for years to come, and possibly embarrassing for some people to see what their parents used to make them do as kids.

One child who will look back on his parent’s home videos of him growing up and not have flashbacks of horrendous haircuts and embarrassing clothing is James Hashimoto.

With a dad who is an animator at one of the world’s leading animations studios, Dreamworks, James has definitely hit the jackpot when it comes to having the coolest videos documenting his childhood.

His incredibly creative dad, Daniel set up a YouTube account for the tot, where he uploaded some of the best homemade videos we have ever seen.

With spoofs of Batman and the Matrix, each video has James as the star performer and with the help of his dad’s industry taught skills, we see him wielding lightsabers and sailing on a river of lava, as well as mysteriously disappearing into a puddle.

This unique take on home shot videos take on board the vivid imagination of the little boy and provides viewers with a well thought out and entertaining clip.

You might think you have to be an industry professional with a degree in visual effects to create these fun and engaging videos and effects, but with the software advances of the last couple of years, it’s becoming much easier to be able to add visual effects to your videos.

Some social media apps are also offering video editing and visual effects options when you upload a video with them, which is pretty exciting news.

With YouTube continuing to grow into an amazing platform for people to share their lives with the world; both past and present day, video editing is becoming more and more popular with the public, and is no longer limited to industry professionals

Here at Cine2DVD, we are super excited to see more home videos like James’. If you have a home video that is on a reel, why not have a play and see what effects you can incorporate into your clips! Maybe you could have Aunty Mary dancing with a chimpanzee, or have Granny cast a spell on Grandpa and make him fall off his chair!

We are expert providers of many film transfer services, including converting 8mm film to DVD and other digital formats. We know how important your films and memories are, which is why take the utmost care to ensure the transfer is completed in the safest possible manner. For more information on any of our transfer services, don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling 0800 592433.