The Tools and Techniques Used in Animated Films

Animated films are something that all ages can enjoy. Contrary to many people’s opinions, animation is far from something that is limited to children’s shows and films.

In fact, there are a variety of different animation techniques which are used to create specific types of animation, but each can be utilised in a variety of different ways to create almost any themes; from happy, go lucky feature length, to hard-hitting emotional shorts.

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The Differences Between Film and Digital Formats in Hollywood Films

With the technological advances in the 20th century, it’s not hard to see that digital formats are overtaking the original film format when it comes to producing Hollywood blockbuster film.

In the 20th century, all films were produced using the film format but with televisions and cameras becoming clearer, the necessity for digital filming is a must. But what is the difference between film and digital formats when it comes to producing a film? Continue reading