The Perfect Christmas Gift for all the Family

There is no greater gift you can give your family this Christmas than the gift of their own memories. Nowadays, almost everyone has a device they carry around in their pocket capable of recording relatively good quality films, and it can be taken out and set to start recording in a matter of seconds. However, older generations who grew up with obsolete recording technologies, had to make do with capturing small snippets of their lives in not-so-great recording quality. These films are even less accessible now, as the number of people who own tech capable of playing these recordings dwindles.

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Cine Film to DVD – A Unique Gift

Finding gifts for family members is always a challenge, especially for older relatives who already seem to have everything. Instead of chocolates or another photo frame, choose something different for your loved one and give them some memories to treasure. Converting their old cine films into DVDs is a great gift, and at Cine 2 DVD Transfers we’ve got the specialist knowledge and expertise to create it for you. Continue reading

Why You Should Convert Your Old Home Videos Before the Christmas Period

Although many of us don’t want to admit it, now that Halloween is over, people are already starting to go a bit mad for the festive season. With Christmas movies already appearing on our TV screens and the first Christmas song allegedly already played on the radio, it’s hard to avoid the Christmas spirit.

However, although the festive period is still a good month and a bit away, we think that it’s the perfect time to transfer your Super8 to DVD. Why we hear you ask-well, let’s find out!

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