Let’s Not Make Home Videos a Thing of the Past

There’s nothing more heart-warming than gathering round the TV watching mini-versions of ourselves and loved ones in years gone by on Christmas mornings, holidays, weddings, and birthday parties. However, recording home videos that capture our most treasured family moments seems to be a thing of the past. These days if we want to record something then these moments are limited to a few minutes’ time – or however long our phone memories allow.

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Weird and Wonderful Cinema Experiences: Part 1

Films and motion pictures are a massive part of our culture, to the point where the public are seeking out different ways to experience and intensify their movie experience with some of the most bizarre venues hosting screenings.

You would think that you couldn’t get much bigger and better from the IMAX experience, but apparently that isn’t enough for some people. There are some who would instead prefer to sit and get pruney fingers in a huddle of outdoor hot tubs whilst watching cult classics with an extortionately priced mojito. Yes, really.

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Back to Black and White: Shooting in Monochrome


Colour has taken over the way we watch films, whether they’re lovely homemade or produced by the stars of Hollywood. We can thank the advancements of technology for that and, though tech has allowed us to lovingly transfer your 8mm film to DVD, in film production, it’s taken away something essential to our viewing experience: emotion. Continue reading

Disney Films Coming Soon to a Cinema Near You!

If you say you don’t like Disney films, you’re lying. If you say they’re just for kids, you must have missed something. Most of us have grown up with the magic of Disney, and even though they’ve undergone a serious facelift with the introduction of computer animation, the classics are just as good as they were when we watched them as kids. Continue reading