7 Horror Films to Watch Out For in 2017

Horror is a great genre: you typically either love horror films or you hate them. Their aim is to terrify the audience and get as big a reaction as possible. The fear factor plays a huge role in the success of horrors with some doing this perfectly, like the Paranormal Activity franchise.

For some of us, watching a great horror film can be our guilty pleasure. Here are seven horror films still to come out in cinemas in 2017 – are you brave enough to go and watch them? Continue reading

5 Greatest Movie Sequels of All Time

With films today, it’s all about the sequel. Have you found yourself watching a film and when the credits roll, you’re already excited for the next installment? In today’s market, there are many superhero and animated films that have created a franchise, but even though producing a sequel is common, the results can be hit or miss.

There are however some sequels that can not only stand out on their own as great films, but improve upon their predecessors. Here are 5 of those films. Continue reading