How to Film the Ultimate Home Video

When it comes to capturing nostalgia, there are few more committed than the team at Cine2DVD. Whether it’s converting your 8mm film to DVD or offering you advice to help you best video an event as it’s happening, we are always dedicated to making sure you have wonderfully filmed memories to look back on.

One common question we often face is how to actually film the ultimate home video; it’s not as simple as point-and-shoot. So grab a pen and paper and listen in as we offer you some invaluable advice to make sure that your home video is recorded pristinely and enjoyed for years to come! Continue reading

Time Traveller Day: Top 3 Time Travel Films

Never one to shy away from joining in an international celebration, our team of cine film transfer specialists couldn’t help but notice that December 8th is in fact Pretend to be a Time Traveller Day! Well, with the sheer volume of incredible time travel films there have been over the years we thought we would pay homage to all those times we were able to immerse ourselves in a time travelling experience and give to you some of the best time traveller movies ever to hit the silver screen! Continue reading