How We Transfer Your Cine film to DVD and Digital

When choosing who to entrust your family cine films to it’s important to understand the process and techniques that will be used. Whether you are transferring Super 8 to DVD or perhaps Regular 8 direct to digital.

This is how we at work.

Firstly your cine films are inspected for physical condition. Any splices that might need repairing are remade. Poor quality leader is also replaced.  Often we will splice smaller 50ft reels together to form larger reels. We do this as it is more efficient and helps us produce the best transfer from your cine films. For splicing we use splicing jigs made by the world renowned CIR company of Italy. This splicing method uses crystal clear splicing tape and edge to edge alignment of the ends of the cine film.

The next step is the scanning.   All 8mm cine film is scanned using one of our Flashscan HDs


Cine film is air dusted and passed over a pair of particle transfer rollers so that all loose dust and dirt is removed.  Ask us about additional wet cleaning for exceptionally dirty cine film.

Next the film is scanned.

The Flashscan HD is a high definition sprocketless scanner which outputs at 720p. Full hardware based video processing along with software signal processing ensure superb results. The high energy flashing LED light source offers both scratch concealment and unrivaled colour rendition. An operator monitors and controls the Flashscan at all times.

The 720p avi files that we capture are stored on our in house NAS raid arrays, ready for the next stage of the process.