Home is Where the Start Is: How Home Movies Can Kick-Start a Career

Usually when we’re converting cine film to DVD, it’s of those really wonderful and memorable moments – the wedding, the christening, your child’s first day at school, Christmas 1971, that sort of thing. But that’s certainly not the only conversions we do, and it’s definitely not the only type of cine films out there.


How about home movies? You know, those little flicks you make when playing around with a video camera for the first time. Sure, they’re badly-scripted, contain not-so-special effects, and the less said about the acting the better – but that’s part of their charm!

Hollywood is lousy with seriously big names who started cine-small. Ever heard of a guy called Ben Affleck? Yep, he and his actor brother Casey Affleck started out creating their own films as kids, even going so far as the make a music video for ‘Little Wing’ by Jimi Hendrix.

Or how about Sam Raimi? The Evil Dead and Spider-man director knew precisely what he wanted to do in life from the moment his father arrived home with a movie camera. After that, there was no stopping Raimi, alongside his buddy and now-professional actor Bruce Campbell, making Super 8 movies.


Ok, making home movies as a kid might not be a sure-fire way to tell if you’re dealing with the next Steven Spielberg, but it’s not a bad indicator. After all, almost all big-shot directors start out by making amateur movies when they’re young. Come to think of it, Spielberg himself started out by directing his own home movies with his father’s camera, and it’s worked out pretty well for him.

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