Common Shooting Mistakes (Part One)

No doubt about it, shooting all those awesome moments can give anyone a real buzz. Whether it’s baby’s first steps, seeing your kid off to his school prom, or your daughter’s big day, any amateur filmmaker is going to be excited. But that way madness lies! Ok, not really madness – but certainly some errors which you may live to regret when it comes to watching and re-watching those moments on the small screen. So let’s take a look at a few common mistakes we’re all guilty of when shooting those precious moments, starting with…



The zoom function on camcorders is pretty handy, allowing you privileged access to shots you might miss out on, getting up close and personal with your newly christened baby, say. But that doesn’t mean every shot requires a hard zoom. Or any zoom for that matter. It can totally distract from what’s actually happening – sometimes we need to just let the picture itself tell the story.

Auto-Mode is Auto-Pilot

Ok, we know we just had a pop at the ol’ zoom button, but really, that camcorder is a nifty little machine with some seriously cool bells and whistles. It may be easier to film with just auto-focus switched on, but when your kid’s walking down the aisle the last thing you want is for the screen to go blurry. Or watch the colour bleed out because you haven’t calibrated it properly. We definitely suggest checking out all you can about what your camcorder does, so you can capture those shots perfectly.

Eye-Level Lacks Creativity

With a video camera it’s sure easy to just point and shoot, right? After all, it’s in your hand, and you’re standing, what more do you need? Well, by just shooting at standard eye-level you may be capturing everything as you see it, but you’re also missing out on tons of really great shots. You can afford to be creative, especially if it means recording something that might otherwise be missed. Get down low, get up high, get as much range as you possibly can – not only will it make you feel like the next Spielberg, it’ll also let viewers see the whole scope of the event. And that’s more to make it memorable.

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