Memories by Media

It’s interesting, isn’t it, just how you can tell when a moment was captured, simply by studying the image in front of you. In fact, with a keen eye, it’s possible to effortlessly judge just when those memories occurred.

It’s not just down to those really awesome shoulder pads you were rocking in the 1980’s, the 90’s curtains hairstyle, or those blood-constraining skinny jeans for the millennium. It’s more about the image quality. Seeing the difference between analogue pictures and those shot in digital is easy.

Consider this scene: a family gathering. These days, if we’re capturing this moment, we’ll be filming it with our smartphones – and then it ends up plastered all over social media, but that’s another story. The average smartphone today has a minimum of around 3MP, which means some serious digital clarity when compared to yesteryear.

Travel back ten years, and the cameras would be shot in VGA. VGA – or Video Graphics Array – was a pretty basic camera type, with a resolution of 640×480. So you’ll definitely notice the difference already. Even if you were using a dedicated digital camera in the early 2000’s, chances are it would only be around 1.3MP. So you’d still be able to judge just when it was you made those memories, based on quality alone.

Dash back even further, to the 90’s, and digital is pretty much unused, at least by most. That’s when we used film, creating images on 6×4 roll film, or using disposable cameras. In the 1980’s, the 35mm was king. As technology advances, we’ve grown used to great picture quality. What once seemed like the height of image clarity just keeps on getting better. Simply by looking at your photos and video films, you can easily date the time it was taken, which is pretty amazing.

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