Top 3 Classic Films (1950-1970)

Last year, we started looking at some classic films from 1930-1950, and there were some fantastic movies to choose from. In this post, we shall carry on our theme of days gone by, as we look at some of the best films that were released between 1950 and 1970.

Ben-Hur (1959)

Starring the brilliant Charlton Heston, this film tells the story of Judah Ben-Hur, a rich Jewish prince and merchant living in Jerusalem at the beginning of the 1st century. The prince is delighted to hear that his childhood friend Messala has been named as a commanding officer of the Roman garrison of Jerusalem, but upon meeting with him, realises that his friend has changed. Messala punishes his old friend for refusing to divulge to him the names of those who oppose him, by sending him off as a galley slave. But that is not the last the arrogant officer will see of Judah Ben-Hur…

FUN FACT: An infirmary was created specifically for the filming of the chariot race scenes. Thankfully, few injuries were sustained, most of them being sunburn.

Psycho (1960)

This Alfred Hitchcock classic follows the story of Marion Crane, a young woman who has taken off with $40,000 of her employer’s money. In a bid to start a new life for herself, she drives off with the money towards California, stopping over at a motel to rest for the night. Little does she know what a mistake that was when she arrives at Bates Motel, run by a peculiar young man named Norman, who seems to be dominated by his mother…

FUN FACT: After seeing her famous shower scene on screen, actress Janet Leigh was so moved by the vulnerability of a woman in the shower, that she only took baths from then on.

The Graduate (1967)

Starring a very young Dustin Hoffman, The Graduate tells the story of Ben, a recent college graduate. After returning home, he finds himself embroiled in an affair with the wife of his father’s business partner, Mrs Robinson. To complicate things more, he begins to fall in love with Elaine, the daughter of Mrs Robinson.

FUN FACT: The first names of the older characters are never used in the film, increasing the sense of a generation gap.

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