Remember, Mum’s the Word

March 15th – that’s a date for your calendar. No, it’s not just the ides of March, although if you happen to be Julius Caesar, do take care. It’s also mother’s day, or Mothering Sunday for those who prefer an extra 50% more letters with their events.

But how about, this year, not buying your dear ol’ mum the token box of chocolates and a bottle of Baileys? After all, she’s your mother, so she deserves something a little more special – like a video of all her greatest hits: the time she burnt the turkey at Christmas, that tipsy dance she did at your wedding, the moment she first laid eyes on her first grandchild.

Maybe you’d like to see her face when all the family members speak to the camera about how awesome she is, or gather the grandkids to perform an expertly choreographed rendition of absolutely any scene from Oliver! These are all glorious moments that she’s sure to treasure forever. Also, you’ll be her favourite child for the whole day, so that’s a bonus.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that whatever your footage, your mum looks great in them. On this blog, we like to offer up ideas for creating great home movies, so here are a few filming tips, to ensure your lovely mum looks a million dollars (which she’s totally worth, of course).

Show Her in Her Best Light

Lighting can be a tricky issue when it comes to camcorders, especially for those shots filmed indoors. If you’re shooting inside, you do, at least, have an element of control over the lighting. Switch on as many lights as you can; don’t simply rely on overhead lights as they can cast ugly shadows over your subjects, and leave their faces in darkness. If you’re shooting by a window, position yourself with your back to it – otherwise you’ll end up with a silhouette of your mum and miss out on her beautiful smile. Likewise, if you’re filming outside, shoot with your back to the sun, to really capture her best side.

Put the Focus on Her

Your camera comes with all manner of jiggery-pokery, right? So why leave it on auto-focus? It might seem like the easiest choice, but you’ll regret it when you come to view the footage and see that weird zooming blur as the camera attempts to focus on two things at once. Have a play beforehand and figure out how to precisely focus your camcorder manually. That way you can capture exactly what you want, without losing crucial moments because the camera’s got confused by the foreground and background subjects.

She Wants to See You Too

Just because you’re behind the camera, it doesn’t mean your job is done. It’s easy to forget that just because you’re there, it doesn’t mean you’re there. When watching your home movie back, your mum’s going to want to see you too; she’s not going to want to just listen to your ghostly voice monologuing in the background. Hand the camera over to someone you can trust, and make sure you’re in at least a couple of shots. That way your home movie has all the key players taking a starring role. You’re just as important to your mum as everyone else!

Now you’re all set to give your mother a gift to really remember! And if you’ve got footage from way back when, we’ll help you transfer it on to a digital format to be enjoyed by the whole family. We specialise in converting 16mm, Super 8 and 8mm film to DVD – creating memories you’ll want to watch again and again. Want more information about our services and products? It’s easy – simply contact us on 0800 592 433 and our dedicated team will be delighted to assist with all of your queries.