Special Effects and Home Videos

We love a good cheesy home video. It really captures the personality of everyone involved and ends up being the entertainment for years to come, and possibly embarrassing for some people to see what their parents used to make them do as kids.

One child who will look back on his parent’s home videos of him growing up and not have flashbacks of horrendous haircuts and embarrassing clothing is James Hashimoto.

With a dad who is an animator at one of the world’s leading animations studios, Dreamworks, James has definitely hit the jackpot when it comes to having the coolest videos documenting his childhood.

His incredibly creative dad, Daniel set up a YouTube account for the tot, where he uploaded some of the best homemade videos we have ever seen.

With spoofs of Batman and the Matrix, each video has James as the star performer and with the help of his dad’s industry taught skills, we see him wielding lightsabers and sailing on a river of lava, as well as mysteriously disappearing into a puddle.

This unique take on home shot videos take on board the vivid imagination of the little boy and provides viewers with a well thought out and entertaining clip.

You might think you have to be an industry professional with a degree in visual effects to create these fun and engaging videos and effects, but with the software advances of the last couple of years, it’s becoming much easier to be able to add visual effects to your videos.

Some social media apps are also offering video editing and visual effects options when you upload a video with them, which is pretty exciting news.

With YouTube continuing to grow into an amazing platform for people to share their lives with the world; both past and present day, video editing is becoming more and more popular with the public, and is no longer limited to industry professionals

Here at Cine2DVD, we are super excited to see more home videos like James’. If you have a home video that is on a reel, why not have a play and see what effects you can incorporate into your clips! Maybe you could have Aunty Mary dancing with a chimpanzee, or have Granny cast a spell on Grandpa and make him fall off his chair!

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