Advantages of the Twenty-First Century

Picture this; you’ve taken a leap back in time to the wonderful era of VCR and videos…

You’ve just placed your children’s favourite Disney movie into the heavy black machine, the TV is on, and your little darlings have settled themselves down to a good hour of complete and utter silence. You’re looking forward to this when suddenly, the VCR splutters; it whines, it clicks and the movie shows several Aladdins being chased up the screen by grainy white lines.

Oh dear. Now your quiet time is threatened, and the only thing you can think of doing is pulling out the video to stop your little angels from kicking up a fuss. Here’s the problem; the tape gets trapped and is torn from its case. The movie is ruined and so is your hour of peace.

Girl Watching Film

Let’s skip on forward to the twenty first century.

Here at Cine2DVD we’re very keen on preserving your memories; we’ve spoken about it enough. About the glory of the recording evolution and how grandma’s chicken dance will forever be preserved in high definition on an easy to access, easy to store DVD. But what about the actual advantages?

It’s no lie that the quality of your cinematic experience is way better than back in the day. For one, you can sit your kids down to their most beloved movie time and time again without having to worry about the tape wearing down (at least now you get that quiet time you’ve been craving); for another you have so much more space!

We’re not just talking about more space on your shelves (less bulk means more DVDs after all!) but about the capacity the digital world can hold compared to your 90’s videos. Where once the old family movies took up one or two bulky tapes, now it can all neatly sit on one disc! What does that mean? It means more space for more of your favourite family films (and don’t all of you parents just love that?).

But what about the benefits during play? Well for one, you don’t need to fear the rewind button. There’s no hanging around until you return to the beginning of the film. There’s not even any stinted audio when you pause and restart the film.

Fantastic, right? Well, if you’re thinking of having some of your quiet time back, or if you simply want to preserve your family favourites, our dedicated team work tirelessly to transfer your Cine or 8mm film to DVD. Sounds good? Want to know more? You can contact us here or telephone us on 0800 592 433 for more details.