Spoiler Alert! (No… Seriously)

At Cine2DVD we don’t just work tirelessly to help you and yours transfer Super8 to DVD; we live for films in all formats – including the cinema.  But before we go on any further, we have to tell you that the following blog will contain spoilers to some of the greatest films to grace the big screen.

In honour of the finale of Game of Thrones, famous for their blood-and-bone-laden plot twists and protagonist-heavy-graveyards, we thought we’d rubberneck at some of the greatest plot twists of all time.  So, if you don’t want to know the scores… look away now!

Let’s face it, if you haven’t seen some of the following films by now, then you’re begging to have them ruined, but because we’re nice here at Cine2DVD, we thought we’d give you the heads up.

Some of the following twists are so engrained in popular culture that it’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t know Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker’s estranged papa or that that planet with all those chimps knocking about on it was actually Earth; so let’s have a look at some of cinema’s best twists that made our list.

Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back (1980)

As we’ve mentioned it already, let’s talk about the moment when Luke Skywalker found out his dad was killed by Darth Vader, but that his mortal enemy was indeed his father.  Though often misquoted, “No.  I am your father!” is one of cinema’s most iconic moments, and recognised by fans of all ages.  Initially, the critical response was somewhat negative, claiming that the story had no beginning or end; although as the middle instalment in the original trilogy, I think we can probably let Lucas off with that one.

Planet of the Apes (1968)

Selected in Empire’s 500 Greatest Movies of All Time, Planet of the Apes see astronaut, George Taylor, crash lands on a planet in the year AD 3978, only to discover it inhabited by “damn dirty apes”. The big reveal occurs as Charlton Heston’s character is walking along the shoreline of the alien planet, only to discover the remains of The Statue of Liberty caused by the onset of a former global thermonuclear war: “You maniacs! You blew it up!” How very topical.

Fight Club (1999)

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Fight Club’s narration is based around Edward Norton’s unnamed character, whose life orientated around the 9-5 and a materialistic approach to life. That is, until he met Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt. Durden is the leader of an underground fight club and persuades Norton’s unnamed ‘everyman’  to join to bolster his deteriorating masculinity. The twist?  Norton is Tyler Durden.  As an extra hint to the viewer, Tyler Durden appears in split second flashes throughout the film, much like the images Durden cuts into the films he projects as his job at a cinema, albeit a little less naughty…

Sixth Sense (1999)

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Annoyingly, even if you hadn’t seen this film, you will most likely have known the ending, thanks to blabber-mouths who bore witness to one of cinema’s more famous twists.  Bruce Willis’ character, a child psychologist, befriends a young boy who has the unfortunate and unenviable skill of being able to “see dead people”.  Without initially realising, Willis is revealed in the finale to be a ghost himself, realising that all the times where he assumed he was being ignored, he wasn’t even there.

Shutter Island (2010) 

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A contemporary film with an insane twist, Shutter Island sees Leonardo Di Caprio play a US Marshall who goes to a hospital for the criminally insane in search an escaped resident.  This is, however, somewhat fabricated by the doctors of Ashecliffe Hospital, and Leo discovers he is actually a patient himself.  Bit annoying that, isn’t it?

There are so many twists throughout cinema history that are more than worthy of a write up, but if we did that, when would you ever find time to catch up on your Game of Thrones?  Also we can’t, in all good conscience, be ruining every twist for you.  We do hope however that you have enjoyed reminiscing on some of movies greatest twists, and that we haven’t ruined them for you!

At Cine2DVD we love being able to help you recapture all of the moments you’ve captured and transfer them to DVD.  And while we understand there may be no Se7en or Usual Suspects-style reveal, these moments matter.  So for help with transferring your treasured memories, please contact us on 0800 592433 and speak to one of our team of friendly staff.