Why is Nostalgia So Important to Us?

It’s happened again hasn’t it?

You’ve taken a walk into town and something has triggered a memory. Something small, something you can’t quite place. It’s reminded you of that summer evening when your dad stood with an umbrella over the BBQ, determined that the coals would catch flame despite the rain. That’s the memory that’s taken your feet in the direction of the shops for BBQ food. That’s the memory that makes you smirk to yourself as the cars and strangers pass you in the street. It’s a small memory, but when you’re having a bad day, it’s the small things that keep you smiling.

Funny toddler with umbrella playing in the rain

You may be several feet taller, in a house you can happily call yours and a family you are proud to have by your side, but it’s the nostalgia you feel walking down that street that suddenly makes you crave a barbie in the rain.


grilled shashlik

If it weren’t for this ache we have, to re-enact a time long gone, to be amongst people who’ve made us smile through our darkest days, what would we do with ourselves? Would we have smirked to ourselves for no reason? Would we have taken that spur of the moment adventure out to a forgotten playground for ‘old time’s sake’? Nostalgia reminds us of what it was like, and how we’ve changed. It’s vital for us to remember people we may no longer be in touch with and nostalgia is important when we need to remember the lessons we’ve learnt.



The older we get, however, the less our memories occur in HD and the more they filter through our minds like a scratched cassette tape playing the same image, distorted and warped with time and age. With age, our memories fade until no image remains, simply the feeling it created when we were in a certain place with a certain person.


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Did you know it’s not just our memories that fade and warp with time? Our home videos do too. If you’re one of the lucky ones, the people whose tapes and cassettes survived the test of time, you may find that, one day, you have no technology to play them on. As Don Draper in Mad Men states “Technology is a glittering lure”; as time goes on, so do our digital devices until our old memories are trapped onto cine tape, left behind as DVD takes reign in our homes.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Transferring your cine to DVD is how we help you keep your memories alive, able to watch over and over again, transporting you back and forth in time to a place where we ache to go again… or so Don Draper says.



It’s a dark day when we can no longer recollect the memories of our youth in such, crystal clear certainty. With us, your memories, however precious, are in safe hands. Contact us today on 0800 592433 and we’ll transfer your cine to DVD for you to treasure and remember.