Weird and Wonderful Cinema Experiences: Part 1

Films and motion pictures are a massive part of our culture, to the point where the public are seeking out different ways to experience and intensify their movie experience with some of the most bizarre venues hosting screenings.

You would think that you couldn’t get much bigger and better from the IMAX experience, but apparently that isn’t enough for some people. There are some who would instead prefer to sit and get pruney fingers in a huddle of outdoor hot tubs whilst watching cult classics with an extortionately priced mojito. Yes, really.

Mostly based in London to cater to a touristy, try-anything-once culture, here are some of the weird and wonderful cinema experiences you can partake in.

Electric Cinema

Offering possibly the most conventional cinema experience of this list, the Electric Cinema is just one London based venue kitted out with comfy armchairs and footstools to make you as comfortable as possible throughout the film.

Cashmere blankets are also available just in case you catch a little chill mid-way through and you also get your own little side table to hold all your drinks and snacks. It’s a wonder why more of these venues haven’t cashed in on the idea, as there really is nothing worse than a numb bum during a lengthy Tarantino.

Hot Tub Cinema

Officially based in the cities of London, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham in the UK, the novelty of hot tub cinema is growing more and more. All movie goers need is a swimming cozzy and an admittance fee and they’re good to go.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to share a tepid tub with a bunch of strangers – you can book a hot tub for you and your friends. The event also has waiter service, so you there’s no need for you to clamber out and chillily wait in queue for the bar.

The concept also caters to those wishing to hire the venue so that you can have the ultimate pool party cinema mash up.

The Secret Cinema

In an ode to the most fanatic of film fans, the Secret Cinema hosts several screenings a month and sells out of tickets fast – but no one knows for what exactly. The idea is that you buy your tickets in advance to then get more specific information and instructions about the event nearer to the time.

The Secret Cinema company will create movie ‘worlds’ themed to all kinds of different films, with purpose-built sets and interactive performances. You get to dress the part too. Past productions include Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, The Shawshank Redemption and Bugsy Malone.

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