How To: Converting Film to DVD

We are often asked ‘how does it all work?’ and we thought that we’d give you all a little insight into exactly what happens between you sending us your film and us sending back the box fresh DVD copy of your film.


Step 1 – Inspection/repair

First things first; we thoroughly check the film once we receive it and make sure that it is in as good a condition as possible. One of the most important parts is to repair and replace any damaged splices (connections between sections of film) as they can become damaged or simply disintegrate over time.

These are then repaired with specially made clear tape that provides a strong repair as well as not being detrimental to the film.


Step 2 – Scanning

Once checked it is straight on to the Flash Scan HD, which is a high resolution frame by frame scanner, which digitises the film in painstaking detail. By pulsing primary coloured light through the film the Flashscan HD ensures the best possible quality and colour saturation.

By ensuring the perfect positioning of the sprockets with laser precision (it literally uses a laser), the Flash Scan HD ensures that the digitised file is perfectly stabilised. The technology can even account for damaged sprockets and maintain the image stability.

An example of the quality of footage from a Flashscan HD (No sound)


Step 3 – Post Production/Rendering

Once the film is fully scanned, the Flash Scan digitises the film which is then treated to a little post production and minor editing by our technicians. When the film is perfected it is then rendered on to DVD and packaged.


Step 4 – Delivery

Once the film is processed to DVD we ship you out your brand new DVD containing all of your precious memories like you’ve never seen them before. As well as your brand new DVD we also return the original film to you, and thanks to step 1 it is often in better condition than when we received it.

Cine2DVD footage when compared to other suppliers (No Sound)


Despite involving the latest transfer technology we have a remarkably quick turnaround time and you can expect a turnaround of between 10 and 14 days.

So now you know, and we hope that if you were a little apprehensive about sending these heirlooms off before, we’ve reassured you that they are in safe hands when they are with us. For more information or to book your precious films in for transferring simply visit our ordering page and take your first step to securing those memories forever.