6 Ways DVD is Better Than Cine Film

There’s an incredible romance attached to cine film. An overwhelming nostalgia, coupled with the amount of work involved in bringing cine film to life, means we cherish those images flickering on the big screen. But, let’s be honest, DVD is still better. Don’t believe us…?


Who Owns a Projector?

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Seriously, when was the last time your friend brought round a film reel for a girl’s night in? But even your nan owns a DVD player.


DVDs Are Like Cockroaches – Near-Indestructible
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No-one’s ever gone up into their loft and discovered granddad’s box of crumbling old DVDs. Ever.


They Look Great (pt.1)

 photo 67a70ab2-8630-4a19-b05d-9e5e0f94e39c_zpsibakwbpc.jpg

These are memories you’re supposed to love and remember. But you still need DVD-quality to actually, you know, see them.


You Need Space
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Who’s got room to store rows and rows of cine films? And if you have, think about how many more DVDs you could store instead.


They Look Great (pt.2)
 photo 216e8ff7-c67d-4e72-9574-214fea312ea9_zpsdw8bzkko.jpg

DVDs are a monument to engineering and design. Slick, slim and silver, in a box that’s functional and creative. What’s not to love?

You Can’t Transfer DVD to Cine (Quite as Easily At Least)
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When you own an old cine film, it’s pretty straightforward getting it converted to DVD (Say helloto us, obviously). But the other way ‘round…?


We love cine film – like we said, we love the nostalgia and seeing old memories come to life. But isn’t it time to considering transferring your cine films to DVD? That way, you can love them for longer and let everyone else share the love easily too. Give us a bell on 0800 592 433 today.