Genre Spotlight: Horror

There’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa with the lights dimmed and popcorn out and watching a spine tingling horror movie. Once a rather DIY genre, best exemplified by B movies such as Day of the Triffids and low budget flicks like Nosferatu, serious money from Hollywood has been invested in the horror genre over the past couple of decades and brilliantly made scream flicks are hitting our screens right, left and centre.

Couple eating popcorn while watching a movie

Slasher Flicks

Slasher movies typify the horror genre perfectly. Once the home of cheap thrills, slasher movies have evolved from Freddie Krueger under the mattress to a whole new breed of villain. Elements of slasher movies have also seeped into mainstream movies, such as American Psycho, where Christian Bale has a penchant for killing prostitutes. Fake blood and gore create a terrifying atmosphere that will have you sleeping with the lights on for weeks to come!



Everyone loves a thriller and there’s a movie available in this section of the horror genre for everyone, no matter how scared you get. Tense moments waiting on the villain to appear are what makes these type of movies, so make sure you have a handy cushion ready to cover your eyes at those nail biting moments – or some tasty snacks to distract yourself with!


Haunted House Movies

The classic horror movie has to be the haunted house film. Usually set in a remote location, terror unfolds as the occupants realise that they are not alone. Bumps in the night, things under the bed and shadows in the hallway set the mood for these types of movies and make sure they’re absolutely terrifying! Make sure you have a quick look under your bed before you settle in for the night!

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