Top Halloween Films for the Family

October is upon us and that means everyone is thinking about Halloween. Costumes are in the shops, adverts are on the TV and it’s also a big time for filmmakers. However, not all Halloween films are 18+ scare-fests, there’s a lot of Halloween films that are aimed directly at the family, and that doesn’t mean they’re just for kids!


Some of the following truly are classic films, with a little bit of fantasy dashed in with the occasional scare. Halloween is a time for the family and whether it’s trick-or-treating, hosting a party, watching a home movie that Cine2DVD Transfers helped you with, or watching a scary movie – it’s the perfect opportunity to make some fantastic memories.

Here are some of our picks of the very best Halloween family flicks!

Harry Potter

J.K Rowling’s classic books have dominated the lives of so many children, and her films are set to last for generations. There’s something about the Hogwarts setting, all the magic and mystery, the black robes, wands and witches hats, all coming together to make a great Halloween film and, with the tales full of werewolves, giant snakes, ghosts, and ghouls, there’s certainly guaranteed to be a fright or two.

Monster House

Monster House came out in 2006 and although it wasn’t the biggest success financially, the animated film was a popular hit with kids. Playing on the fantasies children often have about ‘haunted houses’, a brave group of children try and convince the world that the house at the end of the street is actually haunted. A mix of a great story, the occasional laugh and a frightening ending, it is the perfect film to sit and watch with the family.


Even though Gremlins came out in 1984, the film is still as great as it was three decades ago. Mogwai (pre-Gremlin gremlins) are the original Furbies, and Gizmo, the film’s ‘good’ Gremlin became a cultural icon at the time. While the film is centred around Christmas, it is still a great watch for Halloween.

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