Virtual Reality: The Next Step in Cinema Magic?

Virtual reality has been on the rise in the past few years, especially in gaming. Headsets for this technology have evolved considerably and its popularity grown; what used to be simply a sci-fi technology has become real and affordable.

But what could virtual reality mean for cinema? The imaginary and the fictional have enraptured audiences for centuries, and virtual reality would allow us to take the next step and actually be part of the fictional worlds we love so much.

Girl in virtual reality

Europe’s First Virtual Reality Cinema

In partnership with ODEON and UCI Cinemas Group, IMAX will be opening a virtual reality cinema in Manchester, UK. The headsets will be provided by Starbreeze and Acer, ensuring visitors can just strap on virtual reality headsets of the most modern technology.

You will be able to play games or watch five to fifteen-minute films by the end of the year. If you prefer a more comfortable experience, you can choose to play and watch content in one of the available pods – with the option of the pods moving around for a more immersive experience!

Earlier in the year, the world’s first virtual reality cinema opened in Amsterdam with ticket prices of €12.50 (around £10). The Virtual Reality Cinema, as it’s been named, presents 360-degree swivel chairs that ensure you catch all of the moving action. Visitors are provided with a Galaxy S6, a Samsung Gear VR, and a pair of Sennheiser HD 201 headphones for an optimised experience.

Immersive Technologies

In addition to virtual reality, other immersive technologies are being developed to keep attracting visitors to the cinema. From laser projections to moving seats, cinema experiences will never be the same again.

The new 4D cinema technology utilises features like blasts of air, scents, and water to create the best immersive experience you can have while watching a film. Provided by D-Box and 4DX, this technology is capable of deceiving the brain into thinking you are actually in the film. Combining it with the amazing soundtrack and plot, you become another character in every film you watch.

While D-Box’s seats move only a maximum of 1.5 inches, 4DX provides a more immersive experience, similar to a theme park ride. D-Box is a market leader, with every couple of rows of seats costing around £75,000 with the projector booth technology.

Technology is constantly evolving and changing, providing us with devices similar to the ones in our favourite sci-fi films. As film lovers, we are very excited about the future of cinema and its technology. We know how important films are, which is why we provide high-quality transfers of cine films to DVD format.

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