How to Get the Perfect Home Video

Home movies can become treasured possessions, especially when retained over the years. If you want to keep the memories fresh, of course, you’ll want to make sure that your home videos are as high quality as possible.

Here’s how:

Make Sure You’ve Got a Vague Plan

Sure, you want the footage you capture to be natural. You don’t want your home videos to look too staged! However, you’ll want to have a vague idea as to what your video’s going to be about. Maybe you’re going to cover your child’s first day of school or your latest family holiday.

Think about which moments which will mean the most to you in future, and make sure you capture them.

Don’t Forget to Have Some Light Ready

We’re not suggesting having proper studio lights installed in your home: that would definitely ruin the feel! However, you do need to shoot where there’s good natural light, or else you’ll run the risk of film that’s too dark. There’s nothing wrong with flicking the house lights on if you think you need to.

Listen to Your Audio

Some home movies go wrong because the people shooting simply trust the camera too much to pick up the right audio. Unfortunately, this is a bit risky. The good thing is that most cameras will let you attach headphones to listen to the audio, so you can tell if you need to lean a bit closer (or pull back from the shot).

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Make Sure You Watch What You’re Filming

Another plus of most modern video cameras is that they’ll have a flip-out screen that’ll let you see what you’re filming, as you film it. This is definitely a good way of making sure you’ve got a good shot. However, it’s also usually worth filming through the eyepiece if you can, because it’s not affected by external light and will be more accurate. (And it won’t be affected by reflections in the room.)

Hold Shots for Longer Than You Think is Necessary

Many home video movies flick between different cuts too frequently and aren’t enjoyable to watch in the same way as a result. Don’t fall into this trap. If you’ve got a really important shot, make sure you hold it for a good ten seconds or so. Remember you can always shorten it in the edits.

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