Social Media Shouldn’t Determine your Memories

We live in an age where we store our memories on social media. In fact, we’ve almost become programmed to believe that we’re making a note of all the special moments in our life because we can share pictures, videos and statuses on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

Sadly, such social media channels aren’t always trustworthy forms of storing memories – and don’t hold a candle to past keepsakes like home videos. With this in mind, here’s why you shouldn’t let social media determine your memories.


Its Future is Unknown

Remember MySpace? It reached its peak in 2006 before user numbers bottomed out. These days, many people can’t even remember their passwords to the site – and because of this, they don’t have access to their old photos and videos. While it might seem unimaginable now, the fall in popularity could happen to sites like Facebook or Twitter.

It’s Not Inclusive

It may seem like everyone uses social media, but this is far from the case. In fact, many people – such as older friends and relatives – don’t use sites like Facebook or Twitter. This means that your memories aren’t stretching as far as they could be if you stored your pictures and videos on discs that can be shared around with your family and friends.

It’s Not Personal

There are no doubt some moments in your life that you don’t mind sharing with friends. Meanwhile, other occasions – such as precious moments with your family – you might prefer to keep off social media. Where do these videos go? Often they end up getting deleted from phones and cameras to make space. Ultimately, they disappear as if they never existed in the first place.

Its Lifespan Doesn’t Stretch Back Far Enough

Facebook was founded in 2004, before booming in around 2008. While for some users there are a good ten-plus years of memories to reflect on, the site doesn’t take into account that people had a life before signing up. This means that people can be fooled to believe that they’re keeping memories, but in actual fact, they’ve only saved a short amount from their life.

Save Your Old Home Videos!

If you were lucky enough to capture home videos before the age of social media, you can keep hold of them by transferring them from cine to DVD. This will ensure that you’re not just letting social media determine your memories.

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