Three Ways Christmas Will Trigger your Impulse to Watch Old Home Movies

Don’t be shocked if you’re overcome with the sudden impulse to dig up your old home movies this Christmas. After all, most people constantly have a niggling itch to take a walk down memory lane – it’s just that this urge tends to come right to the forefront during the festive season!

Fortunately, you can watch all your home movies before and after the holidays if you transfer your cine to DVD. Here are three ways you’ll no doubt find yourself triggered to do this over Christmas.

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It’s always enjoyable when you spend time reminiscing with family and friends about the years that have gone by. This tends to happen more often at Christmas. Why? Well, you generally see your loved ones a lot more over the festive season. This means that there’s more time to reflect on the past. Ultimately, you’ll probably get bored of talking about how things used to be and set your sights on watching the home movies instead.


It can often seem like everything sparks fond recollections of the past over Christmas. This can be anything – from a decoration that’s been in your family for years to a classic song that you’d listen to in your childhood. Once you’ve had a small taste of these things, you’ll be thirsty for more. This, of course, is when you’ll no doubt start thinking about watching your old home movies.


It’s quite likely that you’ll stumble upon your old home movies as you try to find your fairy lights or ornaments for the tree. These are often stored in the same place as they’re rarely used (because it’s becoming obsolete in the case of cine). If you do find your largely unused cine footage while searching your house, it’s just a case of transferring it to DVD and you will quickly find it’s ready to be watched once again.

The Past Awaits

While it might be Christmas that triggers your impulse to dig up your old home movies, once you’ve had the cine footage transferred to DVD you’ll be able to watch them all year round.

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