Four Feelings You Will Experience While Watching Old Home Movies

There’s nothing quite like taking a long walk down memory lane. But while for many, watching old home movies might just be a way of killing a few hours, for others, it’s sure to bring up many different emotions.

This, of course, is one of the things that makes stepping back into the past such an amazing experience. If you’re about to restore your old videos by transferring them from cine to DVD, here are four feelings that you’ll probably be overcome with.

1. Thankfulness

The past may be in the past – but there will always be a bit of it in your future if you managed to make home movies in the years gone by. When you sit back and enjoy the old clips, you’ll no doubt feel thankful and appreciative that the memories were caught on camera in the first place. After all, these can be watched over and over again in years ahead.

2. Confusion

It’s only natural that some things will have slipped your mind over the years. Therefore, you’ll probably be left a little confused when occasions – such as a random day out that you have forgotten – is played right in front of your eyes. This is all part of the fun though.

3. Amusement

Why oh why did you decide on that haircut? You’ll surely get a good old laugh out of seeing yourself and others rocking dated styles and questionable trends. Of course, the trick is to take all this in your stride and laugh at your errors in judgment.

4. Loved

It will give you a warm feeling to reminisce about all the people who you’ve loved – and have loved you back – over the years. Just think of all the friends and family who you’ve been lucky enough to share many happy memories with.

Have Fun Looking Back!

You’re likely to experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions when you watch your old home videos. However, it’s a ride that you’ll surely enjoy and will want to take time and time again in the future.

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