The Importance Of Protecting Your Memories

As we transition further towards a situation where everything that we do and record is stored online, it is important to take stock of how you are protecting your memories. While your photos and videos might be safe on Facebook, what happens if Facebook fails or if they change their policy of keeping all historic information?

What happens if your 8mm film deteriorates to the point that you can’t retrieve it? While your memories may feel secure, they aren’t necessarily as safe as you think. Here we explore how you can protect your old memories for the future.

Woman Filming

Start in the Past

Making copies of your past memories is a great way to start and can be a very enjoyable process that will make you want to commit to the process further. Begin by converting your old films so that you can rewatch these memories and have another record to carry forward. Cine film transfer is an easy process to carry out and can help you to protect these memories into the future.

Select the Best

Making copies of every photo you have captured since social media began can be impossible to achieve, but you can select the best. Taking time to trawl through your online record and choose the best pictures will also allow you to relive all of these moments and will highlight the ones that you truly wish to preserve. If you set yourself a target of a number of photos per year this will help you to narrow down the pictures to select only the ones you really want to keep.

Reproduce them Physically

Whether you are transferring 8mm film to DVD or getting old pictures printed from social media, the most important step in preserving your memories is to reproduce them in a format that you can access and enjoy. With printed photos, you can begin to create albums that are able to be flicked through over a cup of coffee, and with copies of old Cine videos on DVD you are able to enjoy these memories easily from a laptop or DVD player.

Act Before it is Too Late

Acting now to preserve these memories is important before it becomes too late to do so. The longer you leave it the bigger the task will become and the further into the annuls of history your memories will be lost. Contact us today for more information.