Three Amazing Stories of Cine Film Discoveries – What’s Waiting To Be Unearthed In Your Loft?

Old cine films offer an amazing glimpse into the past. Whether it’s rediscovering your grandfather’s prized film collection or unwittingly unearthing a gem at a car boot sale, there’s so much waiting to be discovered.

Below we have highlighted three amazing stories of cine film discoveries.

Cine Projector

An 18-Year-Old Music Icon Captured For Immortality

In 1965, a clerk named Lucien Salama was pursuing his hobby of filming the streets of London, which one day led him down Denmark Street, the road immortalised as the birthplace of the British music industry.

Back in its swinging heyday, Denmark Street was home to a multitude of guitar shops, record stores and the offices of music publishers, promoters and managers; the likes of The Kinks, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie made their first albums there.

Fast-forward to ten years ago, when Lucien’s son decided to transfer his father’s cine film collection to DVD; upon viewing the footage from that long-ago day on Denmark Street, he noticed a tall, slim, unmistakable figure dressed in a neat suit strolling down Denmark Street.

The figure was an 18-year-old David Bowie. Noticing the camera, the future icon merely smiles and continues on his way, captured for posterity on a cine reel now converted to DVD.

Seeing Your Wedding Video For The First Time – 50 Years Later

In 2017, the Express reported a story of a couple who were able to watch a clip of their wedding some 50 years after the ceremony. A chance discovery of some old cine film allowed them to see their special day again after it was converted to DVD.

The original footage had been discovered by a Scottish filmmaker who tracked down the happy couple half a century later. We can’t imagine just how happy the couple felt after discovering footage from such an amazing day.

 A City Down The Ages

Collecting old film footage from York down the years, amateur filmmaker Philip Hutchinson pieced together an amazing archive of scenes from the city.

By converting reels gathered from car boot sales and eBay to DVD, Hutchinson’s archive brings the York of the 1960s and 70s to life. There’s even a clip of boxer Henry Cooper being mobbed while promoting Brut aftershave.

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