Things You Can Do with Your Old Cine Film

So, you’ve finally gotten around to converting those old cine reels onto a DVD or another more convenient format. The question is, what do you do with the reels? At Cine2DVD, we ship your cine reels back to you along with your DVD, because we know how important it is to people to keep their original copies of their family films. A DVD conversion ensures the precious footage is safe, but some people just love the nostalgia of their old cine reels.

However, if you’ve decided it’s time to let go of that obsolete technology now that you’ve got your footage safely backed up, what can you do with them? They take up way too much space to just keep them lying around if you know you won’t use them again. So, here’s a few things you can do with those old cine reels and film.

Cine Film Reel

Archive to History

Your old family footage doesn’t have to have captured a famous face or a historical event in order for it to be valuable to collectors. Cine footage is rarer and rarer these days, and if your film is still in good condition and can be played on reels, chances are there will be someone out there who would be interested in storing it.

The likes of footage libraries or local historical groups might be interested in giving your footage a new home, if you’re okay with your family footage being shared. Get in contact with your local library or do a search online to see if there are any historical interest groups in your area that you could gift your cine reels to. You’ll be able to free up all that space in your home, whilst also feeling good about the fact that your cine reels have gone to good use and that your footage will live on.

Cine Reels in Storage


Whilst you certainly won’t be able to pop cine reels in your recycling box outside the front of your house on collection day, there may be ways you can recycle them. Check with your local recycling centre to see if they accept cine reels and film. It’s much better for the environment than simply throwing them in the bin.


Unlike recycling, upcycling basically means repurposing something to make something new, rather than breaking something down to its raw materials and reusing them. It has become popular in recent years and can be used to create some truly beautiful furniture or art pieces. And given that cine reels have a certain, old-fashioned aesthetic, they can be used to create pieces with a wonderfully vintage look.

You can upcycle the reels yourself or find people online who are looking for reels for their own projects and donate or sell to them.

  • The Reel

The old reels can be used to create pieces that any film buff would certainly fall in love with. With the simple addition of some trinkets and decorative elements, an empty reel can be used to craft a vintage art piece that would look great in any home. Alternatively, they could be used in more practical ways such as the base of a chandelier, a clock or wine rack.


  • The Film

If you’re 100% sure that you no longer want that cine film, you can also upcycle this to create other pieces. Why not use the film strips like leather and craft a nifty bag? It also makes a great decorative element to wrap around the likes of lamp shades or to create a unique candle holder.

If you’ve got old cine reels that you have no use for, it’s worth trying to find a sustainable way to dispose of them. If it doesn’t seem possible to recycle them in your area, do check out if there are any local historians who would maybe like to add them to their archive, or get creative with the likes of upcycling to create some beautiful, vintage pieces of art.

Make sure you get your footage backed up before you do anything with those reels. At Cine2DVD, we offer cine film to DVD conversion. With over 30 years’ experience, we have assisted many people with the transfer of their family memories from cine film onto a DVD format or digital files. Contact us today to find out more.