Why a Digital Transfer Can Keep Your Memories Safe

Keeping hold of video footage from years gone by is incredibly important to a lot of people. Whether it’s your child’s first steps or your parents wedding, holding onto video footage of these precious moments is a meaningful way to relive memories or share them with friends and family.

But if your footage is from the time of cine reels, then you are right to be concerned about preservation. Cine tape is precarious and can deteriorate over time, break, or become damaged when played on a projector. The best way to keep your footage from being lost forever is with a cine to digital transfer.

Here are the reasons why a digital conversion can keep your memories safe for years to come:

Cine reel

Make Copies Instantly

When you get a digital version of your footage on an MP4 file, you can benefit from the ease with which the files can be copied. It takes just a couple of clicks to copy the file, and you can then save it as many times as you like.

You can upload a saved video file onto multiple devices, including laptops, computers, and smartphones. When you spread your video footage file around to various devices, you won’t lose your footage should one of your devices break or become lost.

You can even upload your video to the cloud, so should you end up losing all your devices, your footage is still safe and accessible. When you convert your footage to an MP4 file, there are no limits to how many copies you can create in an instant, safeguarding your footage against accidents and disasters.

No Deterioration

Older technology deteriorates over time, and cine reels are especially guilty of this. Improper storage conditions can cause the tape on cine reels to become damaged and unplayable. Humidity and mould can discolour the image or even destroy the video. Dust can cause black spots on the footage, and even the natural ageing process can cause the picture quality to deteriorate regardless of how well you preserve them. That’s not to mention how playing the reels on a projector runs the risk of the machine malfunctioning and causing physical damage to the tape.

Any damage to these delicate reels can cause your footage to become unsalvageable. That’s why a conversion when your video is at its best quality is the optimal way to save it. Digital files cannot deteriorate and will always be the same level of quality as they always were, no matter how many years pass.

Keep your video footage in the best quality it can be forever with an MP4 file conversion.

Share Your Video Anywhere

Aside from the ease of copying and the lack of deterioration, MP4 files are by far the easiest way to share your footage with others. Lending out cine reels is not an effective way of sharing footage and runs the risk of damage in transit or when played on projectors. But MP4 files can be shared instantaneously with anyone around the world; you just need an internet connection.

Simply attach your file to an email to send to your family and friends across the world. Or you can upload it to social media to share with your friends simultaneously. There are no limits to how you can share your footage when you have it available as an MP4 file.

Family Watching Home Movies Together

More Options for Watching

Cine reels can only be played one way, through a projector. Even if you do own one, most people don’t, making it difficult to show your footage. Projectors can also cause damage to reels, so you’re taking a risk every time you play the video.

MP4 files, on the other hand, have so many avenues available for playing the footage. They can be played on virtually any computer or laptop and even smartphones. So when you want to have a viewing party, you won’t need to lug the projector with you, chances are there will be some kind of device capable of playing your file. You eliminate the risk of damaging your footage, and you can easily show it to your friends and family.

At Cine2DVD, we specialise in cine film transfer. We have many years of experience transferring family memories from cine film to USB to transferring 16mm to DVD and taking the utmost care to ensure your footage is safe. After the conversion, we will post you back your cine reels along with your DVD or USB stick, so you still have your updated copy, but with the original footage should you still wish to hang onto it. Contact us today to find out more.