How to Watch a Movie!


Watching our favourite movies and home films have always been entertaining for family and friends. Until recently, however, it was difficult to see exactly what you had filmed unless you had a couple of strategically placed cables to hook up to your TV (or a suitable video cassette your VCR didn’t chew up). Back in the day, watching your movies used to be limited to your TV box, sat in the front room with your parents squashed into the same room and your younger siblings running around in front of your grainy, shaky TV set.

Young family watching TV at home

These days you don’t need to worry about whether or not the video recorder is going to successfully connect to your TV. Transferring your cine to DVD means you have the wonderful advantage of taking your home made movies, your action shots with your friends, and your old time family classics, and watch them anywhere you want!

Watch on your computer!

The modern day genius of the computer has allowed us to tap into the world of digital… well everything! Now your computers can play DVD’s on them, meaning you get the joy of watching your favourite childhood memories (you know, the one with the mountain bike, the homemade ramp and the puddle of water?) and watch it anywhere you like without being interrupted! Not only that, but you don’t need to crank up the volume on your TV, deafening the rest of your household because they’re being too loud, plugging in your headphones to your computer works just as well!


Girl surfing the internet

Project your DVD for a larger audience!

When it comes to entertaining your friends and family, nothing brings people together more than a good ol’ movie marathon. So why not make this experience more personal and have a movie marathon of your favourite home master pieces? Transferring your cine to DVD will allow you to play all of your home movies through your computer, adding a projector will allow you to broadcast your masterful cameraman ship to your gathered family and friends. Don’t have anything to project it onto? Never fear! A simple white bed sheet or table cloth, hung up will work perfectly as your make-shift cinema screen!


8mm Projector Spools

Classic watching: your TV

Of course there’s nothing stopping you from watching your favourite family moments on your silver screen either! Modern day technology has allowed our TVs to play DVDs in better quality and sound than ever before! So now you really can sit back, relax and enjoy your movie magic.


Couple eating popcorn while watching a movie

Of course there are many other benefits transferring your cine to DVD can do for you other than protecting your family films; for more information why not contact our team on 0800 592433?