The Silent Movie: Beauty and Elegance in the 21st Century?


Have you ever witnessed the beauty and elegance of a silent movie?

You might never have sat in front of the big screen or (these days) Youtubed the comic works of Charlie Chaplin or the stunning Lillian Gish. You might never have sat down and truly witnessed the art unfolding before you, the masterful way film was recorded or how music was used to portray the characters emotions and the tone of the scene. Continue reading

Movies vs TV: 3 Reasons Why Movies are Fighting a Losing Battle


Well, did you ever see this coming?

The downfall (or at least steady decline) of the movie industry? With Hollywood’s A-listers falling from grace left right and centre, TV was bound to take centre stage at some point but why? What does TV now have that Hollywood is steadily losing… apart from their actors staying off of the journalistic hit list? Continue reading

How to Watch a Movie!


Watching our favourite movies and home films have always been entertaining for family and friends. Until recently, however, it was difficult to see exactly what you had filmed unless you had a couple of strategically placed cables to hook up to your TV (or a suitable video cassette your VCR didn’t chew up). Back in the day, watching your movies used to be limited to your TV box, sat in the front room with your parents squashed into the same room and your younger siblings running around in front of your grainy, shaky TV set.

Continue reading