Movies vs TV: 3 Reasons Why Movies are Fighting a Losing Battle


Well, did you ever see this coming?

The downfall (or at least steady decline) of the movie industry? With Hollywood’s A-listers falling from grace left right and centre, TV was bound to take centre stage at some point but why? What does TV now have that Hollywood is steadily losing… apart from their actors staying off of the journalistic hit list?

It’s pretty simply really; quality screening.


Cinema Festival

Round 1: TV Has a Longer Life Span

The first, and most blaringly obvious issue Hollywood is facing is movie time. It’s perfectly acceptable to sit through a 2hr or so long film with a box of popcorn and a good ol’ drink. This short time span, however, isn’t long enough to give a character or a plot the time the deserve to change and grow.

Stand aside movies, TV has this. Long running series have enabled writers to delve into a character and bring them to life in an engaging and heart wrenching way. Just look at Coronation Street or EastEnders!



Round 2: TV is Original

How many times have you seen a movie trailer recently and recognised the story plot, the characters or… well the entire movie? Hollywood seems to have forgotten that spin offs and remakes can only last so long before they ruin a perfectly original story in their quest for more publicity.

Enter TV! Unafraid to face the fans with new, refreshing, original plots and story lines, TV seems to be the only form of on screen entertainment worth sitting down to!


Popcorn and a remote control for the TV background

Round 3: TV is Flexible

Whilst the movie industry is focused on creating films set in one particular genre to hit target audiences, TV is far more flexible. Unrestrained by the laws of genre, TV is far more capable of swiftly traversing the genre range. Breaking Bad and Supernatural, for instance, have the capability of flicking between episodes that have you in stitches to episodes that propel you to the edge of your seat. Now how many movies in the past couple years have been able to do that to you?


DVD, Popcorn and Cinema Stub

Quality screening, as you can see, doesn’t just mean the aesthetical appearance of a film, but the contents of it as well. While we can’t guarantee to make your home films Hollywood *ahem* TV famous, we can transfer your stunning 8mm film to DVD. So, while you may lose some faith in the big screen, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying your own, original and treasured home movies for years to come.

Let’s put Hollywood to shame, contact us today on 0800 592433 and we’ll help you save your best home movies for the TV screen.