Let’s Not Make Home Videos a Thing of the Past

There’s nothing more heart-warming than gathering round the TV watching mini-versions of ourselves and loved ones in years gone by on Christmas mornings, holidays, weddings, and birthday parties. However, recording home videos that capture our most treasured family moments seems to be a thing of the past. These days if we want to record something then these moments are limited to a few minutes’ time – or however long our phone memories allow.

With today’s less clunky and slicker video recording devices, recording family moments couldn’t be easier! We’ve already given you a step-by-step guide to filming the ultimate home video, but here’s why you should stay committed to creating family feature films.

Trapped on your phone

Even if you have plenty of footage on your phone, chances are that the videos you do have aren’t very long. With all the bells and whistles that most mobile devices have, this doesn’t leave a lot of memory for photos and videos, and they very rarely leave the confines of your phone.

Once your memory gets too full, you’ll end up deleting chunks of media to make room for new stuff and your recordings could get erased in the shuffle. Even if you do end up transferring them over to your computer, they’ll sit there for as long as they did on your phone.

Preserve your memories

Home movies are a great way of reminiscing over our younger days. Years ago, you’d probably see your parents with video cameras attached to their hands at every chance they’d get, and it’s only now that we can properly appreciate it. With present and future generations we won’t get the same privilege, as video cameras are rarely used.

It’s difficult to realise at the time, but all moments are ones you want to treasure. Even if you get the camera out and film family and friends at casual gatherings, these off-guard moments capture the most spontaneous emotions and reactions.

Gifts and Keepsakes

Not only will these movies be enjoyed by you and your family, but you can pass them down through the generations so they can see what their relatives looked and sounded like. Plus, there’s nothing like hearing your little children’s voices years later when they’re all grown up and perhaps the voices of those loved and lost.

Home videos make for great gifts too, especially for those who are apart from members of their family, or those who don’t get to see them as often.

At Cine2DVD, we transfer cine film to DVD so you can make sure your home movies are in tip top condition in an easy-to-watch format, and our team of video specialists are here to help you preserve family footage so you can appreciate it for years to come. For more information on our services, contact us at 0800 592 433.