Weird and Wonderful Cinema Experiences: Part 2

At the beginning of the year we looked at some of the most entertaining, bizarre and wonderful cinema experiences across the UK. From watching a movie in a hot tub with your closest friends to taking a risk with the Secret Cinema, there are some brilliant ways in which you can make your cinema experience more unique.

We thought it would be fun to look at some more – so we’re back with a part 2!surprised people watching film

Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinemas have become a lot more popular in the last few years. Primarily located in London, they have now started to pop up across the entire country. Perfect for those who are brave enough to enjoy a film alfresco, people can enjoy a movie by moonlight.

A lot of outdoor cinemas offer food and cocktails to those watching, as well as the usual cinema staples such as popcorn and fizzy pop.


The Edible Cinema

Do you want to taste, feel and watch a film all at the same time? Well, with the Edible Cinema, you have the opportunity to do just that. Each guest is given a tray of mystery boxes – each including items of food that are tailored to specific moments of the film.

At specific moments of the film it will be indicated that it’s now time to eat or drink the contents of one of the boxes. Whilst not cheap at £38 a go, it’s definitely an innovative way to expand the cinematic experience.

The Sol Cinema

The Sol Cinema is based in South Wales but travels all over the UK and worldwide. It offers you a unique way to enjoy movies – from the back of a caravan! It’s not your typical caravan though, it includes a red carpet, popcorn and your own usher. It’s also big enough to fit up to 16 people in there.

You get to choose which short film you would like to watch – each lasting just 10 minutes. You’ll then be handed your ticket and a bag of popcorn and left to enjoy the film!


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