Four Feelings You Will Experience While Watching Old Home Movies

There’s nothing quite like taking a long walk down memory lane. But while for many, watching old home movies might just be a way of killing a few hours, for others, it’s sure to bring up many different emotions.

This, of course, is one of the things that makes stepping back into the past such an amazing experience. If you’re about to restore your old videos by transferring them from cine to DVD, here are four feelings that you’ll probably be overcome with.

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Three Ways Christmas Will Trigger your Impulse to Watch Old Home Movies

Don’t be shocked if you’re overcome with the sudden impulse to dig up your old home movies this Christmas. After all, most people constantly have a niggling itch to take a walk down memory lane – it’s just that this urge tends to come right to the forefront during the festive season!

Fortunately, you can watch all your home movies before and after the holidays if you transfer your cine to DVD. Here are three ways you’ll no doubt find yourself triggered to do this over Christmas.

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7 Horror Films to Watch Out For in 2017

Horror is a great genre: you typically either love horror films or you hate them. Their aim is to terrify the audience and get as big a reaction as possible. The fear factor plays a huge role in the success of horrors with some doing this perfectly, like the Paranormal Activity franchise.

For some of us, watching a great horror film can be our guilty pleasure. Here are seven horror films still to come out in cinemas in 2017 – are you brave enough to go and watch them? Continue reading

5 Greatest Movie Sequels of All Time

With films today, it’s all about the sequel. Have you found yourself watching a film and when the credits roll, you’re already excited for the next installment? In today’s market, there are many superhero and animated films that have created a franchise, but even though producing a sequel is common, the results can be hit or miss.

There are however some sequels that can not only stand out on their own as great films, but improve upon their predecessors. Here are 5 of those films. Continue reading

6 Movies You Need To Watch This Summer

The arrival of summer doesn’t just mean it’s time for holidays and travels, it’s also that magical time of the year when Hollywood rains their very best films upon us. Summer manages to put everyone in a good mood – which is why it’s often the perfect time to release films!

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Filmmaking Equipment for Beginners

Any film lover has been tempted to make their own films; whether you want to film home movies or begin a career with independent films, there are a few pieces of equipment that you’ll need. But remember to keep your spendings low! When you start out, you won’t need top of the line gear. And you can always hire what you won’t use regularly.

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The Evolution of Home Movies

Gone are the days of sitting in front of a flickering projector screen with the curtains shut and the ‘big light’ off (although enjoying a spot of outdoor cinema is always a fantastic idea). From 8mm film to 16mm and Super 8, we can now re-watch our home movies on our TV’s, phones, laptops, and tablets. The same could be said for trying to catch a home memory in action. Telling your partner to quickly grab the camera and the film reel to catch the little ones first steps; you’ve probably missed the opportunity by the time you’ve set the kit up.

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