Genre Spotlight: Film Noir

When we refer to the “genre” of a film, we’re referring to the category or classification of the film that identifies it with other similar films. Films in the same genre will have related themes, plots, moods, characters, narratives, structures or settings.

Some of the most popular movie genres include action, comedy, romance, crime, horror and thrillers. There are even genres within genres, such as romance movies being split into period romances, teen romances etc.

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What Makes a Classic?

Everyone has a favourite film, even if they are not your thing; there is one cinema experience that stands out in your mind. Seeing it elicits that same rush of enjoyment, a fondness grows at even the mention of the title and every time it comes on TV, no matter what else is on, it is watched to completion. More often than not a film that creates such a strong connection with its audience is considered to be a classic film.

We here at Cine2DVD Transfers have a lot of experience in transferring cine film to DVD and so we know the value of the moving picture. But, how do we discern a classic from just another run-of-the-mill film? There are a number of factors that together make for the perfect classic.

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Your Guide to Cine Film

There are a great number of reasons why people keep hold of their old cine films. It could be a forgotten treasure that has been uncovered while tidying the attic, or it could be something that has been purposefully kept and cherished over the years, just as your vinyls may have been.

But as the years progress, the convenience, quality and chance of coming across a functioning projector shrinks. Therefore, it’s likely that you will want to convert your old cine film to DVD format and bridge the gap between generations, enabling you to share your old movies with younger family members.


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Easter Holidays

Please note that we will be closed for the Easter weekend from 12.00 on Thursday 2nd of April. Back to normal on the Tuesday..

Happy Easter everyone!