5 Greatest Movie Sequels of All Time

With films today, it’s all about the sequel. Have you found yourself watching a film and when the credits roll, you’re already excited for the next installment? In today’s market, there are many superhero and animated films that have created a franchise, but even though producing a sequel is common, the results can be hit or miss.

There are however some sequels that can not only stand out on their own as great films, but improve upon their predecessors. Here are 5 of those films. Continue reading

6 Movies You Need To Watch This Summer

The arrival of summer doesn’t just mean it’s time for holidays and travels, it’s also that magical time of the year when Hollywood rains their very best films upon us. Summer manages to put everyone in a good mood – which is why it’s often the perfect time to release films!

For all the movie lovers, here is a list of 6 movies you need to watch this summer. Continue reading

Transfer Your Old Films As The Perfect Gift

The act of giving a gift is a glorious one, and the look on the receivers’ face can make it all worth while. But sometimes gift shopping can be a real nightmare. Trawling through hectic shopping centres and browsing online for hours can be stressful, and you may still not find the perfect gift. Whether it’s a wedding gift, an anniversary gift, or it could even be your anniversary, you want a personalised, lovable and forever lasting present.  So, what could be better than a transferred home video?

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Outdated Technologies Still Used Today

With all the modern technology that’s available to us today, it is easy to forget some of the old devices that were used just a few years ago but have now become obsolete! New pieces of hardware, such as Smartphones, combine the features of many different devices into one package, making the older technology less desirable.

But even with the latest advances, there are still some old technologies that are routinely used by a variety of people. Some users just simply don’t see the need to move with the times as they are comfortable with that device they have used for years, whilst other technologies are still in use for more elaborate and complex reasons.

Here are some outdated technologies that are still used today. Continue reading

Filmmaking Equipment for Beginners

Any film lover has been tempted to make their own films; whether you want to film home movies or begin a career with independent films, there are a few pieces of equipment that you’ll need. But remember to keep your spendings low! When you start out, you won’t need top of the line gear. And you can always hire what you won’t use regularly.

Movie slate and film reel on wood

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Outdoor Cinemas

Evenings are there for relaxing and winding down after a long day. Many of us choose to put our feet up and watch a film. However, as summer approaches and the nights get warmer and lighter, we want to be in the outdoors more, enjoying the warm weather.

This is why outdoor cinemas are perfect!

The idea of outdoor cinemas is to provide the same experience that you get in a cinema, without having to be stuck inside. Continue reading

The Evolution of Home Movies

Gone are the days of sitting in front of a flickering projector screen with the curtains shut and the ‘big light’ off. From 8mm film to 16mm and Super 8, we can now re-watch our home movies on our TV’s, phones, laptops, and tablets. The same could be said for trying to catch a home memory in action. Telling your partner to quickly grab the camera and the film reel to catch the little ones first steps; you’ve probably missed the opportunity by the time you’ve set the kit up.


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On This Date in: 1948- “It’s Always Good to Look Back”

Going back to 1948, on this day in the world of Television, the first musical was televised live on CBS. Followed by this, the second live televised musical was then aired on NBC, which was ‘Arturo Toscanini’. March 20th marks the breakthrough of musical conductor Eugene Ormandy leading the Philadelphia Orchestra through the transmitting waves, to the homes of every TV Owner. This made the Philadelphia Orchestra one of the best known in American Orchestra.

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2017 Book to Film Adaptations

Books have the amazing capability of transporting us to new worlds due to their imaginative narratives. When adapted to the big screen, films can truly bring to life our favourite characters and add another level of emotional impact.

From true story novels to fantasy ideations, these are some of this year’s book-to-film adaptions that we’re excited about.


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