Wedding Videos: Memories That Last a Lifetime

Weddings are very important and memorable events in our life. In the past, preserving those precious memories wasn’t as easy as it is now with modern technology. You might be thinking back to your own wedding and wishing you could show your children your wedding video to complement the beautiful photos you have.

As years go by and we age, our memories start to fade and the details become muddled. If your son or daughter is getting married soon, you might be feeling nostalgic and want to rewatch your own special day and show them how happy the event was.


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What Are Memories?

Picture the last time you went on holiday with your loved ones. You recall how high up in the sky the sun was, the beautiful scenery, and how relaxed you felt. The somewhat vivid imagery running through your mind is what we call a memory.

Your mind went through three processing stages so you could feel a sense of nostalgia for your vacation: encoding, when you received information; storage, when that information was recorded in your brain; and retrieval, when you just called back the stored memory of the delicious food you had during your vacation.

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Get the Best Out of Your Home Videos

Making memories is a wonderful thing, but to make them last forever you can record these special moments to watch for many years to come! However, these days, home videos are becoming less and less popular due to the fact that people are more interested in recording mini video clips on mobile devices which either don’t make it further than their phone memory or get deleted to make room for other media.

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Let’s Not Make Home Videos a Thing of the Past

There’s nothing more heart-warming than gathering round the TV watching mini-versions of ourselves and loved ones in years gone by on Christmas mornings, holidays, weddings, and birthday parties. However, recording home videos that capture our most treasured family moments seems to be a thing of the past. These days if we want to record something then these moments are limited to a few minutes’ time – or however long our phone memories allow.

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Back to Black and White: Shooting in Monochrome


Colour has taken over the way we watch films, whether they’re lovely homemade or produced by the stars of Hollywood. We can thank the advancements of technology for that and, though tech has allowed us to lovingly transfer your 8mm film to DVD, in film production, it’s taken away something essential to our viewing experience: emotion. Continue reading

Disney Films Coming Soon to a Cinema Near You!

If you say you don’t like Disney films, you’re lying. If you say they’re just for kids, you must have missed something. Most of us have grown up with the magic of Disney, and even though they’ve undergone a serious facelift with the introduction of computer animation, the classics are just as good as they were when we watched them as kids. Continue reading

How to Film the Ultimate Home Video

When it comes to capturing nostalgia, there are few more committed than the team at Cine2DVD. Whether it’s converting your 8mm film to DVD or offering you advice to help you best video an event as it’s happening, we are always dedicated to making sure you have wonderfully filmed memories to look back on.

One common question we often face is how to actually film the ultimate home video; it’s not as simple as point-and-shoot. So grab a pen and paper and listen in as we offer you some invaluable advice to make sure that your home video is recorded pristinely and enjoyed for years to come! Continue reading

Travel Video Tips

Our Cine2DVD team are passionate about helping give your nostalgia experience that extra longevity through providing our reliable 8mm film to DVD service. However, as regular visitors to our blog will no doubt be aware, we also find it important to provide you with some tips to help you get the most out of your videoing.

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Why You Should Convert Your Old Home Videos Before the Christmas Period

Although many of us don’t want to admit it, now that Halloween is over, people are already starting to go a bit mad for the festive season. With Christmas movies already appearing on our TV screens and the first Christmas song allegedly already played on the radio, it’s hard to avoid the Christmas spirit.

However, although the festive period is still a good month and a bit away, we think that it’s the perfect time to transfer your Super8 to DVD. Why we hear you ask-well, let’s find out!

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