Transfer Your Old Films As The Perfect Gift

The act of giving a gift is a glorious one, and the look on the receivers’ face can make it all worth while. But sometimes gift shopping can be a real nightmare. Trawling through hectic shopping centres and browsing online for hours can be stressful, and you may still not find the perfect gift. Whether it’s a wedding gift, an anniversary gift, or it could even be your anniversary, you want a personalised, lovable and forever lasting present.  So, what could be better than a transferred home video?

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On This Date in: 1948- “It’s Always Good to Look Back”

Going back to 1948, on this day in the world of Television, the first musical was televised live on CBS. Followed by this, the second live televised musical was then aired on NBC, which was ‘Arturo Toscanini’. March 20th marks the breakthrough of musical conductor Eugene Ormandy leading the Philadelphia Orchestra through the transmitting waves, to the homes of every TV Owner. This made the Philadelphia Orchestra one of the best known in American Orchestra. Continue reading

The First Film

Filmmaking and cine films had their beginnings in the late 19th century, when technology advancements provided the chance to completely change how events are recorded. From immortalising precious memories to recording tragic moments, films like the Zapruder Film are invaluable pieces of history.

Thomas Edison and the Lumière brothers have often been credited for pioneering the technology for the moving image. Louis Le Prince, however, has been credited with the oldest surviving film, recorded in 1888.

8mm Projector Spools

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Why Summer has the Best Memories (And Why You Never Want to Forget Them)

Summer has always been the best time of year to make memories. When you were at school you had the longer summer holidays to have fun with your friends, now you can enjoy picnics with your own family. No matter what you do during summer, whether you go to the beach or organise a big party for everyone you know, the truth is that it always feels bittersweet when it’s over.

Looking back, summer always features in people’s fondest memories, so it’s only natural that you’d want to preserve these memories the best you can.


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What Are Memories?

Picture the last time you went on holiday with your loved ones. You recall how high up in the sky the sun was, the beautiful scenery, and how relaxed you felt. The somewhat vivid imagery running through your mind is what we call a memory.

Your mind went through three processing stages so you could feel a sense of nostalgia for your vacation: encoding, when you received information; storage, when that information was recorded in your brain; and retrieval, when you just called back the stored memory of the delicious food you had during your vacation.

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What Makes a Classic?

Everyone has a favourite film, even if they are not your thing; there is one cinema experience that stands out in your mind. Seeing it elicits that same rush of enjoyment, a fondness grows at even the mention of the title and every time it comes on TV, no matter what else is on, it is watched to completion. More often than not a film that creates such a strong connection with its audience is considered to be a classic film.

We here at Cine2DVD Transfers have a lot of experience in transferring cine film to DVD and so we know the value of the moving picture. But, how do we discern a classic from just another run-of-the-mill film? There are a number of factors that together make for the perfect classic.

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Get the Best Out of Your Home Videos

Making memories is a wonderful thing, but to make them last forever you can record these special moments to watch for many years to come! However, these days, home videos are becoming less and less popular due to the fact that people are more interested in recording mini video clips on mobile devices which either don’t make it further than their phone memory or get deleted to make room for other media.

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Let’s Not Make Home Videos a Thing of the Past

There’s nothing more heart-warming than gathering round the TV watching mini-versions of ourselves and loved ones in years gone by on Christmas mornings, holidays, weddings, and birthday parties. However, recording home videos that capture our most treasured family moments seems to be a thing of the past. These days if we want to record something then these moments are limited to a few minutes’ time – or however long our phone memories allow.

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