The Evolution of Resolution

Films are a great way to store memories of your friends and family. It could be your first footsteps as a baby or a special celebration such as a birthday or graduation. Either way, it is important for people to store these memories in a way where the quality of the film is maintained.

In the early days, cine films were used to record home videos. Nowadays, we see the likes of HD and even 4K digital recordings that have the most incredible detail. By understanding how resolution has evolved over the years, it can help you know why it is important to preserve your most cherished memories.

film strip isolated on white background

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Back to Black and White: Shooting in Monochrome


Colour has taken over the way we watch films, whether they’re lovely homemade or produced by the stars of Hollywood. We can thank the advancements of technology for that and, though tech has allowed us to lovingly transfer your 8mm film to DVD, in film production, it’s taken away something essential to our viewing experience: emotion. Continue reading

How to Film the Ultimate Home Video

When it comes to capturing nostalgia, there are few more committed than the team at Cine2DVD. Whether it’s converting your 8mm film to DVD or offering you advice to help you best video an event as it’s happening, we are always dedicated to making sure you have wonderfully filmed memories to look back on.

One common question we often face is how to actually film the ultimate home video; it’s not as simple as point-and-shoot. So grab a pen and paper and listen in as we offer you some invaluable advice to make sure that your home video is recorded pristinely and enjoyed for years to come! Continue reading

3 Tips to Help Capture the Light in Autumn

At Cine2DVD we love nothing more than being able to provide the ultimate advice and services to help you enjoy your little pockets of nostalgia long into the future; whether that’s offering you tips on how to achieve the best quality footage the first time around, or through providing our high quality and reliable cine film transfer service, our team love to know that they’ve made a difference.

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Home Video Hacks: How to Fix Mistakes

So you’ve finally had a chance to dig out those old home movies you filmed on that super heavyweight handheld cine film camera that was state-of-the-art 30 years ago. You watch them back, thinking about how awesome it would be to watch this on a good ol’ DVD or Blu-ray player, rather than faffing about with that cumbersome cine projector you’ve kept hidden in the loft for just such an occasion as this.


Sweet. You’ve decided to go for an effortless transfer from cine to DVD or USB – and then…

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The Silent Movie: Beauty and Elegance in the 21st Century?


Have you ever witnessed the beauty and elegance of a silent movie?

You might never have sat in front of the big screen or (these days) Youtubed the comic works of Charlie Chaplin or the stunning Lillian Gish. You might never have sat down and truly witnessed the art unfolding before you, the masterful way film was recorded or how music was used to portray the characters emotions and the tone of the scene. Continue reading

History of the Home Video

History of the Home Video

Nowadays, it seems like the majority of people have access to some form of video recording device. The YouTube culture is booming and more and more people are involving themselves in creating home movies.

With this in mind, it’s hard to believe that at the start of the 20th Century, home movies were limited to those who could afford the equipment; very different to the affordable recording options of today.

As cine film transfer experts, we’ve decided to delve into the archives and take a look into the history of home movie creation!

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