How Cine Film Works

Cine film sparked a cinematic revolution when it was first created back in the 19th century. Afterwards, the entertainment industry – as well as the way we store our memories – would never be the same again. But what exactly is cine film and how does it work? Here’s everything you need to know.

film strip isolated on white background
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The Evolution of Resolution

Films are a great way to store memories of your friends and family. It could be your first footsteps as a baby or a special celebration such as a birthday or graduation. Either way, it is important for people to store these memories in a way where the quality of the film is maintained.

In the early days, cine films were used to record home videos. Nowadays, we see the likes of HD and even 4K digital recordings that have the most incredible detail. By understanding how resolution has evolved over the years, it can help you know why it is important to preserve your most cherished memories.

film strip isolated on white background

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The Differences Between Video and Cine Film

Cine film and video have been used for many years for a good reason: they’re reliable, quality ways to record and watch television or homemade videos, even if a bit outdated nowadays – still, you can find plenty of media in these formats, especially classic movies that never go out of fashion and your own home movies! Knowing how these mediums differ from one another, though, can be challenging.

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Your Guide to Cine Film

There are a great number of reasons why people keep hold of their old cine films. It could be a forgotten treasure that has been uncovered while tidying the attic, or it could be something that has been purposefully kept and cherished over the years, just as your vinyls may have been.

But as the years progress, the convenience, quality and chance of coming across a functioning projector shrinks. Therefore, it’s likely that you will want to convert your old cine film to DVD format and bridge the gap between generations, enabling you to share your old movies with younger family members.


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Back to Black and White: Shooting in Monochrome


Colour has taken over the way we watch films, whether they’re lovely homemade or produced by the stars of Hollywood. We can thank the advancements of technology for that and, though tech has allowed us to lovingly transfer your 8mm film to DVD, in film production, it’s taken away something essential to our viewing experience: emotion. Continue reading

The Silent Movie: Beauty and Elegance in the 21st Century?


Have you ever witnessed the beauty and elegance of a silent movie?

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